Acrobatic Gymnastics

The Chermond Gymnastics Club was founded in June 1980 by Cherie and Raymond Alcock, taking its name from a combination of their first names. Their vision was to offer an alternative choice of healthy, safe and constructive activity for children and young people living predominantly in areas of west Norwich recognised as deprived.
We originally offered training in Girls Artistic ( four piece ) gymnastics at the Norman Centre Mile Cross.
In 1981 a sports Acrobatics section was opened at the Meadowview Community Centre, Hellesdon Low Road.
In 1984 the two sides of the club moved to the Gurney Middle School,Ranworth Road and united under one roof.
The club enjoyed a long period at the Gurney premises until 2003, even though the school was closed down in the late 1980s.
We were evicted from the Gurney premises in 2003 by N.E.L.M.
We have found temporally accommodation at the Earlham High School Bluebell Road.
We have found a permanent home.
The Chermond Gymastics and Activity Centre
Unit 10 Delta Close Norwich NR6 6BG
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The club's ethos is to provide opportunities to any child or young person who come's to it's doors, to explore worthehile activities, to enhance and develop their physical skills, to give them realistic personal and team goals, and to promote their self esteem; while at the same time ensuring they have fun in a safe and controlled enviroment.
Th club is affiliated to British Gymnastics, adheres to all the legal, ethical and quality based standards laid down by that body, and has achivied the coveted GymMark status.
The coaches and other officials all have the appropriate qualifications for their work.
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